Featured Alumni

  • Name : Biplob Barik
  • Batch : 2013-2015
  • Current Designation : CEO and Co-Founder
  • Current Firm : Boxnbiz Technoloiges Pvt. Ltd.
  • Industry : Logistics, Freight, Shipping Tech Business solutions.
  • Current Location : Bengaluru

In Biplob’s own words... 

Being a son of a defence personnel, I have spent 27 years of my life in travelling around India and spending most of my time living and growing with people of different cultures and religions. Growing up in different towns and cities across India has been an enriching experience.

Graduated from Government Engineering College, Gujarat and thereafter did my PGDM from Sri Balaji Society, Pune – which again has been an exciting journey. While engineering provided me a strong academic foundation, PGDM has provided me personality development, polish and overall business management knowledge - an accelerator for my career. During my PDGM 2 years at Sri Balaji Society I was highly motivated to give my best both – academically as well as in co-curricular activities.

At Sri Balaji Society Pune, I was fortunate to learn from the best-in-class faculties. Was fortunate to serve as Corporate Relation Team (CRT) member. This opportunity helped to explore the other side of the game which is corporate life, I was getting opportunities to spend most of my time with corporate leaders and managing the entire placement process. I learned the power of network, people skill & contribution to society.

From being disciplined to fighting against the odds, Sri Balaji Society taught me everything about life. From being selfish (i.e. standing on my own feet and being independent) to turning problems into opportunity. My alma mater taught some of the most critical foundational success principles.

Today I am the Founder and CEO of a logistics company which has grown from a Rs. 5 lakhs to a Rs. 2 Crore + company just within 24 months span and all this miracle happened because of what I learnt at Sri Balaji Society and applied after joining the corporate world and in my entrepreneurial journey.

A big thank you to Sri Balaji Society for bringing best out of me.

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