Featured Alumni

  • Name : Abhai Misra & Pooja Bansal
  • Batch : 1999-2001
  • Current Designation : Abhai - Senior Manager, Pooja - Proud Home Maker
  • Current Firm : IBM UK
  • Industry : Consulting, IT
  • Current Location : London, UK

In Abhai & Pooja’s own words

We are two very different people, with hardly anything in common. As destined, we met in July 2000 to start a love story which would undergo a number of tests in the coming years to survive and establish one of strongest relationships based on love and trust.

We belong to the 1st batch (1999-2001) of Sri Balaji Society. We started dating each other soon after college began … not really knowing if we planned to be together all our lives. 2 years of college made this bond stronger and we ended marrying in 2003.  It took a while convincing not just our parents but the extended families on both sides. At last everyone said the much awaited ‘yes’.

 Thereafter, started a series of location changes, with Abhai going often to Europe to work on different projects with Satyam. Sometimes, I would be with him and sometimes not.

In 2006, we made a conscious decision to spend more time with each other. We flew to Germany and then to UK in 2007 to make a home and settle down permanently. Abhai was still with Satyam and I joined ICICI Bank in UK. With time, came a number of job and role changes.

In 2012, we had Ahana. She changed our lives completely. I (Pooja) decided to stay at home full time and be with her. Since then, I have been working hard to establish my own business in sales, marketing and events. Abhai has grown to be a Senior Manager with IBM. We are also in the process of launching an e-commerce business in India soon.  

Lots of ideas and plans in the pipeline…continuing to do what we love doing most….exploring and enjoying new opportunities... :)