Featured Alumni

  • Name : Avinash Sarda
  • Batch : 2002-2004
  • Current Designation : Co-Founder and Partner
  • Current Firm : Wealocity
  • Industry : Wealth Management, Financial Services
  • Current Location : Hyderabad, India

In Avinash’s own words.

My Journey with Sri Balaji Society started in 2002 when I was recovering from my failure of not clearing my CA foundation exam and was left with no option but to pursue some course urgently and settle down rather than get branded as a failure in academics.

Since it was a joint family, I had different views, opinions and was advised on my way forward. I didn’t get too much support on my plans to leave Hyderabad due to my previous academic record. Hyderabad then had limited option for MBA course and it made me look at options like Bangalore, Pune etc.

It was in the form of my father that I got all the support and pushing. He advised me to do what I had planned and not leave hope. I did what he said and landed in Pune for getting my admission into Sri Balaji Society.

Meeting with Bala Sir – A Turning Point in my Life:

My Uncle knew honourable Bala Sir, as he (my Uncle) was a vendor with Sri Balaji Society in Pune and was confident that Bala Sir can guide us on the way forward.

I was very excited to meet the Legend and my uncle told me a lot about his journey… I remember Bala Sir guiding me to take the Telecom course with BITM (then ICTM) as that was an upcoming industry then and would be fantastic learning as well. I readily agreed and completed initial formalities to be a part of Sri Balaji Society.

It was a big step as I had never stepped out of my home for any course or stayed away from family. My Mom specially was very nervous leaving me alone at Pune station while going back.

First day in college:

New place, new friends, it was a nervous start, but bumped into few friends for life who helped me to make my life better there.

 Memorable First Presentation Session with Dilip Bam Sir.

As the ritual goes, my presentation with Dilip Bam Sir was also one of the most memorable events of my life. My life changed completely as it didn’t go well and was among the only few who got least marks. I was dejected and felt like going back and thought that I was made to be a failure in life. Felt light after going speaking to my parents who advised me to calm down and do better next time.

Campus Placement:

I was always average, but always actively participating during classes -all the semesters. Frankly, I was not confident on my placements... but I was among the first ones to get short listed for my winter project where I put all that I had learned in the classes and bagged a pre-placement offer from Standard Chartered Bank Pune which did not work out due to changing situation at Standard Chartered Bank. I did not lose hope and was again amongst the first ones to get shortlisted and placed with MetLife.

3 Ds: Discipline, Dedication & Determination:

The 3 D’s that changed all of our lives - Discipline, Dedication, & Determination, guided me in my assignments with MetLife for two years, and then with Allegro Capital Advisors for over ten years.

Today with the blessings of my parents and Bala Sir, I have incorporated and co-founded my own Wealth Management Company called “Wealocity”.

It gives me comfort to see that after me, I had three brothers from my family pursue their Two Year Full Time Post Graduate (equivalent to MBA) course from Sri Balaji Society. Each one is doing well and is well settled in Business & Corporate world individually.

Personal Front:

I belong to a Marwari joint family and as soon as I got my placement with Metlife, I was advised by my family to settle down and get married. It’s now 12 years of my marriage and have 2 beautiful children doing well in their own space.

Looking back I am happy and content with the way my corporate journey has shaped up, what paid me was my attitude towards my challenges, my vision of making it big in life across personal and professional front and also my GURU’s for life who have always been available when I required them the most.

Journey so far:

It doesn’t matter whether you are a average or outstanding student in your academics, sports or in your social life , what truly matters  is how you perform to the best of your abilities and deliver when it is required the most , consistently keep fighting the odds at every level and prove your mettle by doing what you want to pursue. Keep learning. As Bala Sir always says – Problems are Opportunities.