Featured Alumni

  • Name : Rachit Badlani
  • Batch : 2009-2011
  • Current Designation : Deputy Manager – Leadership Development - Welspun Group. Enterprise - DJ
  • Current Firm : Welspun Group. Own Enterprise - DJ
  • Industry : Learning and Development, Entertainment
  • Current Location : Mumbai

In Rachit’s own words

Campus to Corporate

Born in Indore to a business man father and a mother who is a teacher, I was shy and somewhat a socially awkward child (very hard to believe for people who know me well now). My brother the only sibling I have was the more vibrant one.

After spending almost 20 years in Indore, I finally decided to move to Pune for pursuing PGDM HR from Sri Balaji Society. Little did I know that life was not going to be the same again and will change for the better. HR for me was out of choice rather than coincidence unlike a lot of my batch mates. The choice was easy as I was into teaching (Math) for almost 5 years during school and graduation and I thought the same will help me sharpen my HR skills. Fortunately the decision was right.

8th June 2009 was when the journey began at SBS. On the very first day I happened to meet one of the most passionate, enthusiastic and energetic people. His determination in whatever he wanted to achieve was remarkable. During my journey at SBS my respect for him only grew. His name is none other than Prof. Col. A. Balasubramanian.

The 20 year old “me” was very nervous. Staying in a hostel for the first time and with people you knew nothing about, getting bound by the tough rules and regulations of the Institution, the pressure of performing academically and socially were things that gave me jitters. But each of these things during the next two years completely changed me as a person and how I saw life thereafter. I believe each one of us in our early years has fixed and rigid ideas & perceptions and it is very important to get rid of them. I got rid of mine during these two years.  I got more accommodating, confident and was more fulfilled as a person. I got more aware of myself and my core value system. 

The environment that Sri Balaji Society provided in terms of faculties, tough schedule, extra-curricular activities etc. contributed to enhancement of my personality in a big way. I was fortunate to meet some really interesting people at Sri Balaji Society and build relationships and friendships of a lifetime.

One of the most memorable moments of my life was the time I got placed from the campus placement initiative. The rigorous corporate hiring and screening process continued post-midnight and finally the decision was announced at 1:30 AM. That feeling cannot be put into words.

I am currently working as Deputy Manager – Leadership Development at Welspun Group. My passion is music and teaching. I my spare time I love teaching at a few colleges – particularly on the topic of Emotional Intelligence, Leadership and Effective Team Building.

Sri Balaji Society in addition to my corporate career gave me something really precious. It helped me discover my passion for music. From attending DJ parties at college campus to going to "Stone Water Grill" every week, I knew I had discovered something magical. The passion for music did not fade away with the start of my corporate life, instead in 2012 I went on to do a professional course in Disk Jockeying (Djing) and since then I have been playing music as a DJ in night clubs across Mumbai, Goa, Pune & Indore along with my full time job in HR. Some of them include China House, Royalty, Ibar, Boveda, Smaaassh, Marriott, Hilltop Goa, Marbella Beach Resort Goa, Kue Bar Pune, Euriska Pune, O2 Lounge Indore etc.

To all the students looking to join Sri Balaji Society, I want to tell you that the Institute gives its students countless opportunities to go and express themselves. It gives a great launch pad for taking on the corporate world being fully prepared to collaborate with managers across the country. To sum it up, being in Sri Balaji Society means you are in very safe hands.