Featured Alumni

  • Name : Paremvir Malik
  • Batch : 2000-2002
  • Current Designation : HRIS Architect, HR Professional & Corporate Trainer, Founder & Entrepreneur
  • Current Firm : Sequence Business HR and Life Skill Solutions
  • Industry : HR, Corporate and Life Skill Training
  • Current Location : Pune and Delhi

Star Campus Placement: Good professionals can make good entrepreneurs – special coverage in the Corporate Citizen Magazine.


Meet Paremvir Malik, Founder, Sequence Business HR Solutions, who completed his post graduation from Sri Balaji Society – a leading management Institute, talks about his journey from college to starting his own venture. He’s someone who strongly believes in taking risks, thinking out-of-the-box to nurture the entrepreneur in each one of us

Not content with a nine-to-five job, Paremvir Malik decided to work for himself even though he had a perfectly successful innings as a salaried professional for over 12 years. He says, “Even so, my time was someone else’s; I thought if I took the risk and rid myself of the fear of failure, I could be my own man.”

Campus Placement

Paremvir was initially placed with The Assam Tea Company Limited as an Assistant Tea Estate Manager but unfortunately could not join them. “Even though things did not go the way I had expected, I wasn’t disappointed. I firmly believe that whatever happens, happens for the best and some things are just not meant to be,” he says. After completing his post-graduation from a leading management college, Paremvir took up marketing assignments with a few of the IT, real estate and FMCG companies which helped him get hold of his fundamentals and groomed him to become a better HR professional, and eventually an entrepreneur.

“In 2003, I got my first HR assignment with V-Trans India Limited, a logistics major, where my job was to create HR systems and processes for the organization, similar to that of an Organization Development Consulting, where I performed well. In 2004, I joined a Tata Group company, TRENT, as Human Resource Business Professional (HRBP) for Hyper Market Stores, and once again my job was to create and establish systems for the new-format business. In 2005, I joined Crompton Greaves Ltd, and worked with them for five years, until 2010, where I successfully contributed to various segments such as Industrial Relations, Human Resource Information Systems, Values & Ethics Training and Business HR Head, and won awards like best score for employee engagement by Gallup Inc. across Crompton Greaves,” recalls Paremvir. Paremvir also worked for other leading companies such as Jet Airways, Dana Spicer, Birla Surya Ltd, ACG Worldwide as Business HR.

Jumping ship

After having spent a lot a years studying the industry and honing his skills and learning on the job, Paremvir thought that now it was time to fly. “And... that’s how Sequence Business HR Solutions was born. There are lots of fine professionals who can make good entrepreneurs, if only they decide to,” he says.

In September 2013, Paremvir ventured into his own start-up called Sequence Business HR Solutions which provides Business HR Solutions in terms of HRPO, L&D, OD and advisory services. Some of his clients include HB Fuller Inc., USA and Godrej & Boyce Industries.

So what kind of professionals does he employ? “People who are serious about their work and time; people who value both their personal and professional lives; those are the sort of people I would choose,” he says. A close observer of human behavior, Paremvir also likes to invest time and effort in understanding its dynamics and changing nature.

In response to the perennial question of work life balance, he calls it ‘important’ considering that his work requires him to be well-rested in order to be creative. Keeping that in mind, Paremvir works on a 10:10:10 work model. “In a month, I look forward to about ten days of very high quality work and client meets; 10 days of home work and preparation. Given that I spend 70 per cent of my time like this, I then look to spend the remaining 30 per cent or 10 days with my young family,” he says. Speaking of which, how does he unwind at the end of a stressful work day? “I like listening to music and spending time with my daughters,” he says. How does he deal with the pressing issue of payments a bugbear, particularly for first generation entrepreneurs like himself? “We work with clear contracts and good clients whose image and reputation matters to them. By and large, if terms and conditions are spelt out clearly, there’s little room for ambiguity,” he notes.


“I have a very typical hobby of observing human behavior. I love to understand them, their thoughts and actions. Humans are the most amazing creation of God and worth learning from. I love to spend my time with students as they are full of dreams, passion & positivity,” says Paremvir. He regularly writes articles on this subject in LinkedIn Pulse and shares his thoughts on the YouTube channel.

Family and Education

Paremvir completed his schooling from GES HAL High School, Nashik, and his HSC from HPT Arts College, Nashik. Life took a turn when he decided to join the Bhonsala Military College, Nashik, and completed his graduation in Defence & Strategic Studies. He then pursued his PG from one of the leading colleges & went on to obtain a second PG degree in Labour Laws and Welfare from Symbiosis Law College in 2003.


In September 2013, Paremvir ventured into his own start-up called Sequence Business HR Solutions which provides Business HR Solutions in terms of HRPO, L&D, OD and Advisory services. Some of his clients include HB Fuller Inc., USA and Godrej & Boyce Industries. “There are lots of fine professionals who can make good entrepreneurs, if only they decide to,” he says

Paremvir was born in Delhi to the late Phoolwati and Lakhiram Malik, a farmer, but unfortunately lost his mother when he was a child. “My eldest sister, Rammurti, and her husband, Jaibir Singh Khatri, decided to raise me as their own child though they were just married; so in a way they are my parents. I was brought up in the midst of fighter aircraft at Nashik at Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, along with their children, Pranjal, Binat and Tanvir,” he recalls. Paremvir’s eldest brothers, Yudhvir and the late Udayvir Malik, supported his higher education. They always ensured that Paremvir was moulded into a successful human being.

Today, Paremvir is blessed with a family, with his wife, Shilpi, and little twin daughters, Shaurya and Aishwarya. “Shilpi is a healthcare professional with the Aditya Birla Group. She is my strength, inspiration and role model. I owe my success to my family, friends and teachers who have stood by me always,” smiles Paremvir.

Life at the campus

“I do miss my college days. While the schedule was hectic, frankly I never bothered about it. I have always believed that fear does no good; if you are good, you need not fear,” he says. Paremvir made some wonderful friends at the campus. “They are like angels...you don’t find them but they find and bless you. As I was pursuing my higher studies, I also found my soulmate, Shilpi, who is incidentally my wife today. I met her during a debate competition, and must say she’s accepted me as who I am and gradually helped transform me into what I am today,” he adds.

Paremvir’s friends and batch mates have always helped him to overcome challenges, be practical and cheerful always. They have always been family to him. “We did all sorts of crazy and fun things. Despite our hectic schedules, we had our regular outings and coffee meets,” recalls Paremvir.

Paremvir’s Dean taught him how to excel under adverse circumstances, how to fight back against all odds and be unconventional in his approach. “Believe me, it really makes you a winner and makes you stand out,” notes Paremvir.

Piece of advice to youngsters

“Fear is not good, and if you are good, don’t fear. Einstein never went to a B-school but is still remembered as a legend. So follow your inner voice when faced by chaos around,” he signs off.